A Brief Introduction to Astrology

Horoscope chartAstrology is among the greatest adventures of human civilization that has contributed significantly to people’s lives and culture over time. A quite ancient, but still a vital discipline, astrologers seek the meaning of application of the behavioral patterns and influences of the planets, stars and other celestial phenomena in our lives. It contains both the idea of an organized body of knowledge of the cosmos along with the way the stars speak to us, giving us a meaning to our lives.

Why are people interested in astrology?

Astrology presents many things that many people find desirable. It offers information and assurances about the future, presents a way to be absorbed in peoples’ current situation and the future occurrences. It presents a unique way for people to be connected to the entire cosmos.

It as a tool used by great spiritual advisors to tap into behavioral patterns that are revealed by the sun, the moon and planets and to connect them into occurrences in our lives in the past, present and future. The idea on this subject is that stars and planets have some influence on human affairs and terrestrial events that affect a person’s life based on relative positions of stars and planets.

Tools used in Astrology

To have a better understanding and discerning of how astrology plays an integral role in our daily life, we use astrological tools that shed light on important information about planets, zodiac signs, and horoscopes.

(i) Planetsastrology planets

Planets represent different areas of life experiences. The sun defines one’s personal identity, ego, and unique self. The Moon represents our emotional developments. There are ten planets namely; The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

(ii) Zodiac Signs

The zodiac comprises of 12 different sun stages. Your date of birth determines which one you are. The signs of the zodiac give us great insights into our day to day living as well as many talents and unique qualities we possess.

 Zodiac Signs


(iii) Horoscopes

It is a diagram of the signs of the planet and the stars at the moment of a person’s birth that shows the relative positions of the planets. Horoscope is used to offer a prediction of an individual’s future based on a comparison of zodiacal data by the time of birth with the data under comparison.

Assumptions in astrology

There are two assumptions in astrology. One is that there is a meaning in life, and the other is that we are part of it. The rest is based on relationships, observations, discussions and understanding. In this aspect, understanding relates to how one stands under the stars and learns from them.

Understanding your sign

When a person asks about your sign, they are referring to the sun sign, the position of the zodiacal sign of the Sun in relation to the time of your birth. The season of the year when one is born sets a quality or tone of their life, which if strictly followed, will improve both our confidence and capacity. The time of the day when we were born presents a set of personal factors that affect our potentials thus directing our destiny.