The Importance and Role of Moon in Astrology

moonLife on the earth is fully sustained due to the presence of luminaries in our solar system, including the sun and moon. Sun governs soul while the moon rules feelings and denotes emotional power in human beings. There would be no life on earth without these two luminaries. Moon is considered tender in nature and represents love and beauty. Poets have written lot of beauty about it with comparisons of the beauty of a woman with it.

Moon is considered as the queen of the solar system. In accordance to Vedic System of Astrology, it is regarded as a natural component that is capable of giving a remarkable mental power and prosperity. This prosperity in life is directly linked to the combined positions of Jupiter and the moon, as Jupiter signifies wealth. The combination of these two planets is considered very auspicious for wealth and prosperity.

Eastern and Western Views of Moon and Astrology

The Western countries view of astrology is that this subject only relates to the sun on the study of the Zodiac Horoscopes. However, the truth in studying astrology goes well beyond the sun signs. When humans learn the influences of the moon over our life, we can then use the information for our advantage.

The Eastern world countries such as India and China regards moon as the most important aspect while studying astrology. It plays a significant role in astrological appearances yet many people do not recognize its importance in astrology.

Moon Cycle

The different signs of the moon do cycle per month, rather than on each year basis. Each of these signs has 3 phases namely the ascending, true and the descending. Each sign has a different influence on our emotions depending on our sign signs and natural tendencies. Mon represents mother as she nourishes the life of earth as mother.

The Importance of Moon in the study of Astrology

moon photo– Moon influences our moods, emotions and the reactions that we have to everyday occurrences. When humans are aware of the sun signs, they can use the information about moon and associated signs in determining the ideal time for decision making or when to avoid certain activities.

– The moon and its cycles are widely used in determining the best time to conduct various activities, and is part of our daily life, and this aids in giving more accurate predictions.

– The phases and and positions of the moon have an influence on other astrological aspects, including planetary movements and sun signs.

– Moon points our internal influences such as the history, guts and instincts and romantic compatibility. This is the main reason astrologers user it to represent the innermost feminine side.

– The birth chart used in astrology and the vast study of planetary alignments have an effect on the sun signs based on the aspects of astrology and directly influenced by the moon.

– Positive moon indicates enthusiasm, joy and peace of mind in life while the negative part of it causes depression, tensions, pessimistic attitude and suicidal tendency.

– Moon is the smallest of planets due to its closeness to the Earth. She has enormous effects on human beings on earth, and a direct impact on females. The menstrual periods are governed by the movement and difference moon phases.