The Role and Importance of the Sun in Astrology

sunLife on earth is sustained due to the presence of the sun. There would be no life on earth without it. It gives light and life. From the astrological beliefs, the sun is the center of extreme power and all the planets revolve around it due to its massive gravitational force. It plays a vital role in the life of human beings.

Sun as the Giver of Life

The sun is considered as the giver of life and represents our conscious mind in astrology. It represents the humans will to live and their creative life force. As the sun puts forth light, so brings forth life. It represents one’s personality and ego, and a spirit that makes an individual unique. It speaks to the creative ability and the power of an individual to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Sun rays are directly connected to the inner most spirit of human beings. Hence, it is depicted as a soul of the universe representing the life-force of the earth. It has been described as the soul of all beings and a self of a person. Favorable placement of the sun in a horoscope brings fame and power to an individual in all areas including the field of occupation. It has the authority to grant significant political power. The adverse placement can make a person arrogant and may cause mental and emotional disorders.

The King of Planets

Sun is regarded as the king of planets in astrology. He rules the soul and fatherhood providing light to all other planets including earth. The distance between it and a planet determines the respective planet’s strength. Just as the planets revolve around the sun in the solar system, we derive our purpose from the sun in our natal charts.

The Importance and Effects of Sun in Astrology

Sun Chart– Sun is the only star in the solar system that provides us with light and life. In astrology, it is considered to be the king of planets because of its unique qualities. It represents a person’s soul, fame and self-respect.

-Sun, as a ruler of Leo, is our spirit or ego. It is the innermost central part of ourselves that sits like a king and makes all significant or final decisions. Jupiter and Mars also rule the spirit, but Sun is the chief.

– The sun is seen as the spirit, the core of your being, a person’s individuality and inner force that motivates everything a person does. This is what makes one unique.

– The sun is what we aspire to and what we wish to believe of ourselves and how we express ourselves. It is our essential values and the essence of who we are. It represents vitality, creative, leadership and nobility of mankind. It often denotes those of high and noble birth and is important in relationships with superiors.

– The sign which the sun is in shows the direction in which we strive to realize ourselves. It changes every to define birth sign. The qualities of this sun’s sign are like adjectives, which color our self-expression.

– The Aspects of our sun shows psychological influences on our identity which have to be integrated in some way. These aspects indicate specific effects that modify the expressions of our identity and make us unique individuals.